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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  October 5, 2017 10:30pm-10:46pm BST

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writer kazuo ishiguro. i thought, in this age of false news, i thought it was perhaps a mistake. kazuo ishiguro has written seven novels in a 35 year literary career in which he's won numerous other awards to go with his nobel prize. his first novel, a pale view of hills, made an immediate impact when it was published in 1982. it, like his second book, an artist of the floating world, features a japanese protagonist. i do feel that the japanese part of my upbringing is crucial to who i am as a person and as a writer. i'm a british citizen, i've lived in this country since the age of five, entirely educated in this country. but i did grow up in a japanese home. there was always this other dimension. i saw things through the eyes of japanese people. i saw british society through japanese eyes. he is perhaps best known for his 1989 booker prize—winning novel, the remains of the day, which was turned into a film
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starring anthony hopkins and emma thompson. mr stevens. yes. you mustn't take anything i said to heart. it's hideously easy to miss great opportunities in life. and i think that is something we all face, you know. and i think my books have often addressed that. miss kenton. people who didn't quite see love when it came. yes, mr stevens. it's one of the things i resort to, is to create a situation where... in which the character perhaps understates things, almost frustratingly, from the reader's point of view. i want to say, well, why...
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how can you just... why don't you react more, you know? why aren't you screening? ——screaming. why keep these things to yourself? kazuo ishiguro creates characters and worlds we can inhabit and believe in. there were lots of stories... of course that is the novelist‘s job. i don't think any of them turned out to be true. it's just that he does it better than most. will gompertz, bbc news. newsnight is coming up on bbc two. here's emily. churchill's rallying cry was goal we shall fight them on the beaches. now newsnight learned of defence cuts which may render that impossible. join me now on bbc two. that's newsnight with emily. hello and welcome to sportsday. harry kane scores a 94th minute winnerfor england harry kane scores a 94th minute winner for england as they secure a
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place at rush hour, 2018. a massive win for scotland against slovakia as they hope to secure a world cup play—off place. northern ireland is still on course to qualify despite losing at home to the world champions germany. news of a big blow for castleford ahead of the super league grand final to come. england have qualified for next year's world cup in russia thanks to a late goal from harry kane against slovenia. they needed a draw to qualify but it finished 1—0 in a match that wasn't one that will live long in the memory, and the swiss?” one that will live long in the memory, and the swiss? i don't think it will. the big news for england fa ns it will. the big news for england fans is that they are through to the
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world cup finals but the less good news is that they didn't do it in convincing style. thousands of empty seats in memory stadium and the first half in particular was strangely muted, very few chances. jordan henderson had a shot saved and that was about it. after the break things livened up, england's first real chance came courtesy of marcus rashford who tried a spectacular that didn't work out. he may have been better going for something more straightforward. it looked like we were staring at a goalless draw but the instant it is time who else but harry kane, in such a rich streak of form, 13 goals in his previous eight games. make at 14 in his previous eight games. make at 1a in nine now. you could see the relief for england at the end. a draw would have been enough but they got the win to put the matter beyond
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doubt. looking at the table it looks pretty impressive for england, seven wins, two draws, qualifications secured before their final match at the weekend but the fans here tonight know that what they saw isn't going to leave the rest of the world quaking in their boots and gareth southgate and his players have plenty to work on in the forthcoming months before the world cup finals. a late own goal from former liverpool defender martin skrtel has kept scotland's chances of qualifying alive, they beat slovakia 1—0. katie, it means that a win away in slovenia on sunday and gordon strachan‘s team have a play—off place. gordon strachan‘s team have a play-off place. exactly, and the start of the campaign many scottish fa ns start of the campaign many scottish fans would have found that hard to believe because they didn't have a good start to the group but they have gathered momentum. so much
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drama at hampden park. very nervous before take—off because everyone knew how much was riding on this. scotla nd knew how much was riding on this. scotland needed to win to keep their world cup dream alive against slovakia and they were so dominant in the match, they had so many chances from the first half. they made a very bright start, christophe berra, the central defender, with a fantastic header that was matched by a wonderful save from the slovakian chiba, who was in action hero mode throughout the night. scotland had a man advantage when slovakia had a player sent off for a dive in the penalty area. they kept going, slovakia were stubborn even with ten men. scotland were relentless, wave after wave but slovakia kept finding new ways of turning it back. scotla nd new ways of turning it back. scotland hit the bar but eventually, they eventually found the
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breakthrough on 89 minutes, martin skrtel, under pressure from chris martin, turning into his own net. the celebrations said it all. scotla nd the celebrations said it all. scotland are second in the group, beating slovenia and they are through to the play—offs with a chance of making their first major tournament in nearly 20 years. this is how group f looks, england top of the pack and going to russia. scotla nd the pack and going to russia. scotland must win against slovenia away on sunday, assuming that the verratti at home are going to beat malta at the same time. northern ireland were beaten three — one by germany. natalie parks is at windsor park. it was always going to be a big ask, let's be honest. northern ireland hadn't lost a competitive match here" years and they were in
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good form but they were facing germany who simply do not lose away qualifiers. they haven't done that in 83 years and this was a quick reminder of why they are the world champions. energised and yet organised, northern ireland are a study in what is possible in football with passion and a plan. there are limits. germany, the group leaders and world champions took just over a minute to crash through them, sebastien rudy's message was do not give them a glimpse. bobbing heads everywhere including the northern ireland box, wagner went close but not close enough for the man himself. five minutes passed before wagner had the chance to make adjustments and he's not even germany's first choice. at times like that michael mcgovern in goal can do little but when he can act he does so spectacularly. northern ireland's long and bouncy road to russia will public take them to the play—offs. germany made it three
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with joshua kimmich's goal. play—offs. germany made it three withjoshua kimmich's goal. the holders have qualified. northern ireland still might, northern waving off the germans to the finals maybe see you there. what does that defeat mean for northern ireland? here are the permutations, they could clinch a play—off spot before their final could clinch a play—off spot before theirfinal game if could clinch a play—off spot before their final game if wales and the republic of ireland failed to win their matches tomorrow night. 0r republic of ireland failed to win their matches tomorrow night. or if bosnia and greece failed to win their matches on saturday, if both of those scenarios fail to play out it will go down to the final game on sunday against norway. northern ireland are still in a fantastic position and they should still very much be in the play—off spot come november. plenty of permutations. away from football, zak hardaker has been left out of the castleford
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tigers squad to face leeds for the grand final on saturday at old trafford future a breach of club rules. castleford haven't provided details but it is serious enough for them to drop one of the most important players for the biggest game in the history. the england international has been hugely influential since joining from lees, 13 tries in 30 games and nominated for the man of steel award. after britain's amy tinkler and alex ca ncella ra britain's amy tinkler and alex cancellara made the all—round finals at the world gymnastics championships today nile wilson goes in the final of the men's event this evening in montreal.
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i think he has a realistic chance of getting onto the podium. he qualified in eighth place. we know he can put in 86 as a total score which would put him into third place however it starts from scratch tonight and anything can happen. he's had a tough year, an injury to his ankle and just being here is surely a positive. does that take the pressure off? it is a high—pressure sport but i don't think it will take the pressure off nile, he puts pressure on himself to perform. a great performer and i saw something in the olympics that maybe think -- something in the olympics that maybe think —— that made me think he could bea think —— that made me think he could be a better performer all—round van max whitlock. i'm excited to see on his first outing since the olympics how well he performs. you can follow
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the action from quarter past midnightand the action from quarter past midnight and you can see highlights tomorrow. he has knocked out some of the hardest men in boxing and has been the world champion for a decade but we seem to have found wladimir klitschko's crim tonight. bunkers. he played in the programme in scotla nd he played in the programme in scotland and was stuck on the 16th —— kryptonite. his caddie suggested he play out to the side but he did not do this and this didn't end well. irishman paul dunne leads the tournament alongside nicolas colsaerts. that's all from sportsday. coming up, the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be
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bringing us tomorrow. with me are david wooding, political editor of the sun on sunday and jack blanchard from politico. tomorrow's front pages. the financial times reports the chancellor's £26 billion buffer in public finances could be wiped out due to a weak economic forecast announced next week. the metro claims the prime minister is clinging onto power "by her fingertips" as speculation of a conservative coup mounts. the telegraph leads with home secretary amber rudd backing theresa may as prime minister during what she describes as a turning point for britain. the mirror says a group of 30 rebel tory mps are planning to oust the prime minister by christmas. the times says former conservative party chairman grant shapps has been identified as leading the plot against
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the prime minister. the daily express suggests that a daily cup of tea can help weight loss. we start with the fortunes of the prime minister. here is the metro, hanging on by herfingertips is the headline, with the f falling away, as we saw at the conference. she could go today.|j away, as we saw at the conference. she could go today. i think that the could is the keyword. it is possible that theresa may will wake up and decides he's had in —— had enough but she does not seem to be that kind of person although there are clearly tory mps plotting against her, it does not seem there are enough of them to push her out. the eye newspaper gives her a longer day —— the i. eye newspaper gives her a longer day -- the i. 30 eye newspaper gives her a longer day —— the i. 30 ringleaders, apparently. this is a similar
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headline to the one i read injune when she failed to increase her majority and everybody predicted she'd be gone within days, dead may walking, i heard the same expression today. it's true, she could lose her job, but she could also cling on by her fingertips.


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